‘You can really tell why Sam became a nurse’

Maplewood DOC makes ‘great transition’ from hospital to long-term care

From her cat, named Edgar Allan Pilon, to her geriatric nursing expertise, Samantha Pilon’s presence at Maplewood is benefiting residents and staff alike.

Administrator Rachel Corkery says Samantha, who recently joined Maplewood as its director of care (DOC), is making a grand contribution to the 49-bed Brighton long-term care home.

“You can really tell why Sam became a nurse,” Rachel says. “Her passion is with the residents/clients/patients she serves. I admire how she goes to no end. She’s an amazing advocate.”

When she was called to speak with The OMNIway on the phone, Samantha was sitting, visiting with a resident on a couch in the home’s dining room.

The DOC hails from Belleville General Hospital in Belleville, where she worked in a unit with elderly patients who had challenging behaviours.

“Sam made a great transition into the home,” says Rachel. “She has really helped us grow as an OMNI home. There has been tremendous growth.”

With Samantha’s help and support from home office, Maplewood is continuing to master the various nursing requirements for the home. The role of DOC at Maplewood has had a lot of turnover, so Samantha’s commitment to the home is appreciated by staff.

She’s also devoted to learning everything she can, including downloading and reading the entirety of the Long Term Care Homes Act. Her willingness to learn is commendable, Rachel notes.

Samantha says her time at Maplewood so far has been both challenging and amazing.

“I’ve lucked into a home with such a (great) management team,” Samantha says. “Every step of the way, I feel like every challenge has been personal growth to develop as a nursing leader,” she says. “I’ve always enjoyed challenges.”

The DOC says she discovered her passion for the geriatric population when she was working at the hospital and continues to enjoy interacting with residents.

At Maplewood, she has an open-door policy and an extra chair for residents in her office. Residents only wish she would also put “Edgar Allan Pilon” on the nameplate of her door. The feline companion is now also very much a part of the home, Rachel says.

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