Working at Streamway this summer has opened student’s eyes to LTC

‘It has been really nice to meet so many new people and hear so many stories,’ says Kiana Gammage

While Kiana Gammage says she’s not sure what career path she will eventually choose, working at Streamway Villa this summer gave her valuable experience in long-term care that can help her make her decision someday.

Kiana, who will be entering Grade 10 this school year, still has lots of time to make up her mind, but she says she’s happy she’s had two months to experience life at the Cobourg, Ont. long-term care home.

“That’s part of the reason why I came here; to see if (long-term care) would be something I would be interested in pursuing,” Kiana says.

“It has been really interesting because it’s so different from what most people my age are doing, so it was such a nice experience to gain knowledge in different areas like that.”

Kiana has been working in Streamway Villa’s life enrichment department since late June. Her last day is today (Sept. 2).

With indoor large-group programming currently on hold due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, Kiana has spent much of her time doing one-to-one programming with residents and helping with resident-family visits.

One of the things Kiana says she has liked best about working at Streamway Villa is that it’s a small home, and that has allowed her to get to know the 59 residents on a personal level.

“What I love about Streamway is that there are not too many residents, so I’ve really been able to get close with each person and get to know them personally,” she says.

“It has been really nice to meet so many new people and hear so many stories.”

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