Work placement steers students towards LTC

Willows Estate’s environment of respect helped one student decide on her career

November 18, 2013 — Deron Hamel 

Three York University nursing students says their work placement at Willows Estate has been a guiding light in helping them choose a career when they graduate.

The students are currently doing their work placement at the Aurora long-term care home.

“All three of us can say that after doing this placement, yes, we are (looking into careers in long-term care),” one of the students, Jacqueline Sands, tells the OMNIway.

“From the moment we walked in, we have been embraced and respected, and the staff members have educated us on what the environment is like. We’ve just learned so much here.”

Sands says what cemented her decision to pursue a career in the sector is the environment she has found at Willows Estate.

“It’s the environment here and the respect between all the members of staff and the care that they show the residents — this is the biggest thing for me,” she says.

“If my parents were ever looking for (a long-term care home), this is the place I would consider.”

Another benefit to working in a long-term care home, she notes, is the skill set nursing professionals can develop.

This was evident to her and the other students on their first day. Being involved with developing resident activities, for example, is one aspect of working in a long-term care home that appeals to her, Sands says, adding that the Willows Estate team has empowered the students to take ownership of many of the things they are doing at the home.

“When we got here, we didn’t know what we would be doing, and the chance to help plan activities and educate has been awesome to be a part of,” she says.

“If you have an idea to make this place even better than it already is, (the staff members) encourage you.”

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