Work-life balance has made Almonte Country Haven an ideal workplace, says DOC

‘I look forward to coming to work every morning’

When Susan Abernethy interviewed for the director of care (DOC) position at Almonte Country Haven last autumn, one of the first things explained to her was the importance OMNI Health Care places on work-life balance.

After more than 30 years of working as a nurse in hospitals, largely in emergency rooms, Susan says this was music to her ears.

“When I first spoke with OMNI for my interview and they said that work-life balance was one of the most important values, I almost fell out of my chair, because this is not the atmosphere in an acute-care hospital,” Susan tells The OMNIway.

Susan, who was awarded the DOC position at the Lanark County long-term care home in November, says she has found the promise of work-life balance to be “very refreshing and real.”

In hospital settings, nurses and other staff members often find themselves working 12-hour shifts. When Susan was a hospital nurse, she says she found her days off to be spent “recuperating rather than relaxing,” so the change has been welcomed.

Since becoming DOC at Almonte Country Haven, Susan says she has been enjoying the work-life balance OMNI promised. This, she says, has helped her enjoy her work and thrive in the DOC role.

“I look forward to coming to work every morning,” she says. “The days go by so quickly, which says to me that I am enjoying it, and there’s enough work that I am a ‘good busy,’ not a ‘stressed busy.’

“It is lovely to go home and sleep every night and to live a routine life – I had forgotten how good this life can be.”

Combined with the work-life balance, Susan says she has also found a strong “team approach” to resident care at Almonte Country Haven. Staff members, she says, are resident-centred and everyone works together to provide residents with the best quality of life possible.

“The management team here is a very well-oiled machine and they are an amazing team to work with,” she says. “I consider myself fortunate to be working here.”

– This is Part 2 of a two-part story

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