Woodland weightlifting program is engaging men in fitness

‘It has become a really big hit here’

A weightlifting program at Woodland Villa is encouraging the men living at the home to participate in activities while promoting physical fitness.

One of the challenges many long-term care homes face is creating programming that’s attractive to male residents, but this activity is proving to be a winner with the gentlemen living at the Long Sault, Ont. long-term care home, says life enrichment co-ordinator Lisa Doran.

At the moment, about 10 residents regularly participate in the program each week, Lisa says.

Often, the men living at Woodland Villa prefer their own activity groups, and the weightlifting program is aimed at the men for this reason.

“It has become a really big hit here,” Lisa tells The OMNIway.

Lisa notes this program has also created a new pastime for residents, since none were active weightlifters in the past.

The men involved with the program are also showing positive results, she says, adding that the more they work out with the equipment the more weight they need to use to increase resistance.

“They start to find the weights too light, so it has been really good at helping them build their strength,” she says.

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