Woodland Villa team ‘excited’ about the home’s new design

Pictured above, the redevelopment design for Woodland Villa which will be complete by December 2022.

With much more space, the new design will help curb responsive behaviours, be more home-like and create a greater sense of community, administrator says

The Woodland Villa team is “excited” about the new design for the Long Sault, Ont. long-term care home that was recently unveiled, says administrator Janna Sabourin.

Residents, staff members and families recently checked out the new design for the home during a presentation from G architects, the Toronto-based firm designing the renovations, and everyone liked what they saw, Janna says.

Woodland Villa is one of four OMNI homes to receive approval from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for redevelopment funding. The home received approval for funding last spring to renovate the home to add 17 more beds. Woodland Villa currently has 111 beds.

The renovations will result in four spacious neighbourhoods where residents will live. There will also be wider hallways, more home-like dining and lounge spaces, and privacy for residents will be improved by eliminating three- and four-bed wards and having only one- and two-bed rooms. The new design will also surround two courtyards, and there will be a large common area in the centre.

“The staff are quite excited because we are doubling in size and our home areas are going to be easier to staff, and I think everybody is really looking forward to the big change,” Janna tells The OMNIway.

“This new model is really going to be beneficial for us. Having more room is really going to allow everyone to have more privacy and I think that will be helpful for a lot of reasons.”

For instance, Janna says more space will help decrease responsive behaviours in residents with cognitive impairment. Responsive behaviours often stem from residents living in close quarters, Janna notes.

The new design for Woodland Villa features two courtyards that will be easily accessible and much safer for residents to walk in a safe environment, which is another exciting part of the design, Janna says.

The administrator adds that people from the local community will be encouraged to go for walks around the home and explore the new design, and there is also talk of adding children’s sandboxes in the courtyards to encourage a more intergenerational community.

Janna says one of her favourite features of the new design is the common area that will be in the centre of the home.

“The centre of the home is going to be a destination place for the hairdresser (and) the physio room, so it will be like an outing inside the home for those residents who have mobility issues, so I am really looking forward to that.”

Woodland Villa’s renovations are expected to begin in the fall and be complete by December 2022.

You can click the links below for more information on Woodland Villa’s new design:

Presentation Slides: https://garchitects.sharefile.com/d-s40c60b488244e3ab
Courtyard: https://yulio.com/UF3xLd9wpV
Main Entrance: https://yulio.com/mzvFSgn9ti

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