Woodland Triobike is back on the road and getting lots of use

In this June 2018 file photo, Woodland Villa resident Muriel VanAllen and staff member Karen Brennan are pictured stopping by a Tim Hotrons for coffee on the home’s Triobike.

Woodland Villa residents are once again enjoying summer rides around the Long Sault area on the home’s Triobike.

The Triobike is a three-wheeled bike with a two-seat carriage at the front. Woodland Villa acquired the Triobike in 2018 and residents immediately took a shine to going on excursions around town, taking stops at Tim Hortons and even paying visits to their loved ones at home.

The Triobike needed a brake repair and was grounded until about a month ago, as the parts had to be ordered from Europe, but since it has been back on the road residents, their families and team members have been making the most of it, says Woodland Villa life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Lisa Doran

“They have taken residents to go get ice-cream cones, they have taken them to Tim Hortons, and they have taken residents just around the block,” she tells The OMNIway.

Lisa says residents are being taken out nearly every day now, usually in the mornings when the temperatures are cooler. The LEC adds that since the Triobike has been back on the road, more family members have been taking their loved ones on rides.

“We have a couple of families who have been using it (and) that has been really nice,” she says.

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