Woodland administrator has well-rounded background that has readied her for position

Janna Sabourin says OMNI’s culture of promoting from within enhances continuity of care, makes people feel valued

In her 14 years working at Woodland Villa, Janna Sabourin has worn many hats. She has been a personal support worker, a registered nurse, the RAI co-ordinator and director of care.

Since February, she has been the Cornwall-area long-term care home’s administrator. She was hired to the position after longtime former administrator Michael Rasenberg retired.

OMNI Health Care’s 18 long-term care homes often promote people from within. Janna says this is a favourable practice because it instills morale in staff members and shows loyalty to those working within the organization.

“(Hiring from within) also allows for continuity, and it really creates a sense in the home that people are valued and can move up (within the organization),” Janna says.

Looking ahead in her role, Janna says one of the things she wants to build upon at Woodland Villa is interdepartmental teamwork to further enhance quality experiences for residents.

Rather than people working in silos – such as nursing, dietary or life enrichment – Janna says she wants to encourage people to work towards one goal: providing the best quality of life for residents.

The past six months have been a valuable learning experience for Janna, she says, adding that the departments do collaborate.

“I’m learning a lot about the different departments – not just nursing – and it has been nice to see how all of the departments all work together,” she says.

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