Winter Olympics bringing smiles to Country Terrace

Olympic fun is in full bloom at Country Terrace.

Olympic fun is in full bloom at Country Terrace.

Home hosting events honouring 2014 Winter Games

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 — Deron Hamel

Creativity is one of OMNI Health Care’s core values and the Country Terrace life enrichment team is capturing the essence of that value during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics with a variety of engaging activities for residents.

Organized by life enrichment co-ordinator Christie Patterson and life enrichment aides Amanda Guthrie and Rachael LeBlanc, the Komoka long-term care home’s tribute to the Winter Olympics began Feb. 10 and will continue to the end of the month.

One imaginative idea the team came up with was a biathlon event that combined hockey with a Nerf gun. At the Winter Olympics, the biathlon sees cross-country skiers race between stations where they stop to shoot rifles at targets. In the Country Terrace version of the event, residents shoot a hockey puck in a net, then “race” to a station where they fire a Nerf gun at a gold medal hung in the centre of the home’s Olympic rings — five hula hoops.

In addition to Olympicesque events, Country Terrace is hosting Olympic-themed socials for residents and staff members.

Guthrie says there has been a lot of interest in the events from residents, adding the No. 1 benefit she sees residents gleaning from the activities is another OMNI core value — fun and laughter.

“I love to see their smiles when things like this happen, especially when they’re waving their flags and they’re cheering,” she tells the OMNIway. “They’re getting involved in activities and they’re getting their social needs met.”  

Other OMNI Health Care long-term care homes are hosting Olympic-themed events for residents this year. Click here to read how Maplewood is celebrating the Winter Games.

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