Winter Olympic-themed day highlights fun-filled week at West Lake Terrace

Beat the Winter Blahs Week ‘was good therapy for everybody’

For West Lake Terrace residents, a “luge” ride down the corridors of the Prince Edward County long-term care home was just what they needed to help get them through a cold, snow-filled February.

Residents were treated to West Lake’s annual Beat the Winter Blahs Week Feb. 14-18, and a Winter Olympic-themed day was definitely the residents’ favourite part of the week, says life enrichment co-ordinator Janie Denard.

The Winter Olympics day featured a curling activity and a luge ride, which the residents and staff members equally enjoyed, Janie says.

For the luge ride, Janie bought a snow tube and put it on a dolly that was specially made for the tube to fit on top. Residents sat on the tube and went safely “sliding” down the corridors with the help of staff.

“Some of the residents were hesitant at first, (but) some of them jumped right in, and they were hooting and hollering as they were taken up the hallway,” Janie tells The OMNIway.

“It was good therapy for everybody. There were lots of laughs, and it was just something different for everybody.”

In fact, the event was such a huge hit with residents and team members that West Lake Terrace is planning to loan the snow tube and dolly to sister home Kentwood Park so residents and staff at that home can have a similar event, Janie says.

With a colder-than-normal February and everyone feeling fatigued from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Janie says West Lake Terrace residents and staff were ready for some fun, and the Beat the Winter Blahs Week delivered.

“We all just needed to have a good laugh and be outside the box with the residents,” she says. “We are all kind of in the same place. We are hoping we are on the home stretch with the pandemic, and things are starting to loosen up. We’re feeling more hopeful.”

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