Willows Estate to open tuck shop, following suggestion from residents’ council

Residents can treat themselves to candies, goodies

The convenience of the corner store will soon be within residents’ reach at Willows Estate.

For those who don’t go venture out often and even for others who do, the Aurora long-term care home is offering a tuck shop.

Residents requested the tuck shop as one of their suggestions stemming from the home’s residents’ council.

The tuck shop will be of a travelling kind, with items being stocked on a cart with wheels and pushed by a staff member to each resident’s room, explains Teddy Mazzuca, life enrichment co-ordinator for Willows Estate.

The shop will be stocked with candies and snacks, tissues, stationary, greeting cards and other convenience items.

To include all residents, there will be no money exchanged on the spot in case one doesn’t have cash at hand. Teddy hopes the cost of the items will be able to be tallied and added to the resident’s monthly bill instead. She’s still working out the particulars.

Her hope is to have the shop up-and-running in October and anticipates a staff member will make the rounds with her cart every other week.

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