Willows Estate residents craft sentiments of love

Singer, candy carts part of Valentine’s Day celebrations

Love, flowers and candy are three things that come to mind for Willows Estate residents as they contemplate the meaning of Valentine’s Day.

The OMNI Health Care Aurora long-term care home held a series of crafty activities on each unit recently. As the home was in the midst of an outbreak, life enrichment staff brought the programming to the residents right on the units.

One of those activities was themed around the holiday for love. Residents adorned hearts with words that spoke to them.

All of the hearts are displayed on a large board for a Valentine’s Day sentiments of love collection.

“It’s very simple this year,” says Teddy Mazzuca, Willows Estate life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC), about Valentine’s Day plans.

While it is more low-key given the January outbreak, the home always makes an effort to mark Valentine’s Day, especially when it has couples residing together at Willows Estate.

On Feb. 14, Willows residents will be treated to live entertainment in the morning. “I have a singer coming in to sing some love songs.”

For the home’s two couples, Mazzuca hopes to arrange tables for two to make lunchtime more intimate and special.

In the evening, staff members will be making rounds with a Valentine’s Day candy cart. Residents will receive treat packages containing candies.

Meanwhile, prior to Valentine’s Day, a vendor is coming into the home to display her wares. She has prepared Valentine’s Day-themed gift baskets that can be purchased by residents and staff on Feb. 10.

The OMNIway is doing a series of stories about Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned to this website for additional stories about the celebration of love in OMNI Health Care homes.

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