Willows Estate makes upping fluid intake fun

Willows Estate

Aurora home hosts theme days featuring drinks, Popsicles

From Mocktail Mondays to Thirsty Thursdays, Willows Estate is helping residents stay hydrated during humid summer days.

The Aurora long-term care home is making rounds daily with a “hydration cart.” Each weekday features a different refreshment with the goal of increasing residents’ fluid intake during the current hot temperatures in Ontario.

“Residents don’t always necessarily drink enough,” says Teddy Mazzuca, life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) at Willows Estate.

By making rounds with the hydration cart, the hope is to entice residents to take a sip or two. “It’s something different,” Teddy says about the cold beverages and treats served from the cart during weekday afternoons. “It keeps their hydration up.”

Each weekday features a unique refreshment. There’s Mocktail Monday when smoothies are served, Tea Time Tuesday featuring iced tea, Watering Wednesday with flavoured water, Thirsty Thursday offering Popsicles and/or ice cream and Fruity Fridays featuring watermelon or other fruit.

The life enrichment department works in conjunction with nutritional care to ensure the hydration cart is stocked. The cart is generally in operation from June through to early September but is dependent on the weather.

Seniors, people living with chronic health issues and those taking certain medications are especially susceptible to becoming ill when temperatures rise, the Canadian Red Cross states on its website

While it’s important to keep fluid intake levels high in warmer weather, residents don’t always like to drink large quantities of liquids. In addition to the cart, family members can help out by encouraging residents to stay hydrated or even bring in drinks their loved ones enjoy.

Willows Estate has air conditioners to make the indoor temperatures more bearable. The end of each hall and the dining room tend to be the coolest areas and staff members encourage residents to gather there on especially-hot days.

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