Willows Estate family member buys staff dinner

Employees enjoy surprise pizza delivery for all shifts

A Willows Estate family member recently picked up the tab to have several pizzas delivered to the Aurora long-term care.

The loved one of a resident treated employees to dinner, ensuring there were pizzas to dish out to staff members working all three shifts at the long-term care home.

Azaria Kanda, life enrichment aide (LEA), tells The OMNIway the gesture was a generous surprise for all. He says the extra-large pizza boxes appeared to just keep coming one after another.

“It was a grand gesture to say thank you to the nurses and all staff,” Azaria says.

“It was a pretty big deal. I think per shift they sent seven extra-large pizza boxes – it was just overflowing. It was very, very nice.”

Employees decided to FaceTime the family member to express their appreciation. She was quite touched about them reaching out to her, the LEA says.

“She was overwhelmed with emotions.” The call was a moving experience for staff too, he says. “It was reciprocal. It was just a beautiful day all-round really.

“I don’t know how much it would have cost her but she said it was the least she could do to say thank you.”

In general, family members have been very kind to staff and supportive of the home during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Azaria adds.

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