When the beach called, Country Terrace answered

12 residents enjoy a summer day in Port Stanley

Is there a better way to spend a warm summer day than on a beach?

A dozen Country Terrace residents didn’t think so when they headed 45 kilometres south of the Komoka long-term care home July 25 to relax on the sand and in the water at Port Stanley’s beach.

Staff members came up with the idea to go to the beach on the shores of Lake Erie. They presented their idea to residents’ council members who voted in favour of taking a trip to Port Stanley earlier in the month.

Country Terrace resident Tracey Welles (right) and LEA Rachael LeBlanc are pictured here in the water off the beach at Port Stanley on July 25.

Any trip to the beach at Port Stanley requires a stop at Mackies, a local restaurant renowned in the area for its famous orangeade, so that’s what the group did.

Life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Christie Patterson notes the beach had a floating floor on the sand which made it accessible for residents using wheelchairs and walkers.

While most residents were happy just relaxing on the beach under the shade of umbrellas, resident Tracey Welles decided to go for a dip in the water with life enrichment aide Rachael LeBlanc.

Even residents who chose to remain on the beach could get a feel for the lake, courtesy of nutritional care manager Alex Achillini, who brought them cups of water so they could feel the temperature.

Christie says spending the day at the beach brought back fond memories for many residents.

“A lot of them have visited Port Stanley or had gone to the beach there when they were younger, so it was familiar to them,” the LEC says, adding the group could not have asked for better weather.

“It wasn’t too hot, it was just right.”

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