West Lake Terrace to usher in new season with fall fair

Family member donation makes event possible, LEC says

With apple pies to judge, cotton candy to enjoy and ring toss to play, West Lake Terrace is welcoming autumn’s upcoming arrival with a fun-filled event.

The Prince Edward County long-term care home hosts a fall festival at West Lake Terrace Sept. 19.

As life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Janie Denard prepares for the event, she tells The OMNIway being able to host the festival has been made possible by a donation from the spouse of a former resident who wished to contribute to an activity or outing that would benefit residents.

The idea emerged when Janie sought input from West Lake Terrace’s residents’ council.

“The residents wanted a fall fair,” Janie says.

So a fall fair they will receive, an event that will include apple pie and apple crisp baking contests, cotton candy and ice cream treats and other goodies. Janie is looking into having a crown and anchor game and ring toss on site. In addition, she’s hopeful the local fire department can swing by with a firetruck.

She’s inviting her daughter, who races go-karts, to attend. Twelve-year-old Holly is well-known by residents who often ask Janie how her daughter’s racing is going. Holly will bring her trophies and photographs and offer to sign autographs.

“I think it’s going to be a fun afternoon,” the LEC says.

The donor who made the event possible, Bob Scrivens, was “a huge part of our West Lake Terrace family.” He ran a spiritual support group and a bible study. “He’s just a wonderful man. He’s definitely missed.” Bob moved on from his volunteer duties following the death of his wife, Mary.

“I hope I’ve done right by them by doing this for the residents.”

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