West Lake families will get special photos of their loved ones this holiday season

The families of West Lake Terrace residents will be receiving a special Christmas-themed photo of their loved ones this holiday season, thanks to the ingenuity of the Prince Edward County long-term care home’s team members.

Angelica Nyman, West Lake Terrace’s office manager and nursing administrative services manager, approached life enrichment co-ordinator David Forsyth recently with the idea to take residents’ photos in front of a decorative backdrop and then insert the pictures into cards that will be sent to family members.

Following Angelica’s suggestion, David ordered a fireplace backdrop from Amazon and hung it on a wall in the dining room. The fireplace in the backdrop includes a mantel covered with holly and decorated with Christmas stockings.

On Nov. 24, a photo session was held for residents to have their pictures taken. Residents posed for photos in front of the realistic fireplace backdrop, and they all turned out excellent, David says.

Thanks to West Lake Terrace’s personal support workers (PSWs), everything went according to plan, he adds. Of note, David says PSW Amber Andrus did an exceptional job helping residents with their hair and makeup.

“Our PSWs today did an amazing job getting our residents ready,” he tells The OMNIway.

“I only expected to get half of the residents done at most, but our staff made it possible to get everyone done in a couple of hours.”

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