‘We’re following the OMNIway’

Maplewood anticipates, preps for accreditation

“Excited” is not the first adjective that naturally comes to mind to describe the accreditation process.

But for Rachel Corkery, administrator at Maplewood, the experience is one she is looking forward to with anticipation.

Rachel says she’s embracing the upcoming accreditation process as an opportunity for Maplewood to learn and grow as an OMNI Health Care long-term care home.

It also provides the chance to showcase the home’s best practices, high standards and excellence it strives to achieve in resident care.

The administrator of the 49-bed long-term care home in Brighton and her team members are preparing for Accreditation Canada surveyors who will be at Maplewood March 6 for a full day of evaluation.

“I’m excited (about) the process,” Rachel tells The OMNIway. “Really, at the end of the day, what I’m finding is that there shouldn’t be a lot of prep work. It’s gathering information and getting prepared to speak to the tracers they look at – our physical environment, infection prevention and control – being able to really understand what questions they are going to ask and what we are going to speak to.

“It involves developing teams to speak with the surveyors and ensuring participants – staff, residents and family members – feel engaged in and comfortable with the process.

“This is the first time I’ve been through the process,” Rachel notes.

She says the corporate team has explained it mostly encompasses “selling all of the great things we do here in the home because accreditation is about meeting and exceeding a standard and getting that stamp of approval that we’re an accredited facility and we have these required organizational practices,” she explains.

“One of the greatest things I’ve found for myself in this journey is that I’m really confident that we are an OMNI home. So when we are delivering care, when we’re following policies we’re following OMNI policies and conducting ourselves in the way that’s intended – the OMNIway.

“We’re following the OMNIway. Does it mean that we are perfect? No. But it means we are constantly striving to be leaders in long-term care.”

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