Warm-hearted nutritional care aide inspires others to strive for excellence

Rosebridge Manor

Rosebridge Manor

‘Simply put, Dianne makes me want to be a better leader’

After 34 years at Rosebridge Manor, nutritional care aide Dianne Auger is still inspiring those around her with her warm heart and impeccable work ethic.

“Even after 34 years she approaches her work with a lightheartedness that is enviable and her trademark laugh can often be heard throughout the kitchen,” shares Kori Bigelow-Tarr, the long-term care home’s nutritional care manager.

Bigelow-Tarr adds that if she had to give the energy that Auger brings into the home a colour it would be yellow, “because she is always warm, happy and positive.”

Auger is the recipient of the 2016 Inspired Leader award for Rosebridge Manor. An initiative of OMNI Health Care, the Inspired Leader award recognizes people who demonstrate outstanding leadership and dedication to their work. Recipients are nominated by their peers.

Bigelow-Tarr presented the Inspired Leader award to Auger on behalf of the organization at a recent gathering at the long-term care home in Jasper.

In a speech about the nutritional care aide, Bigelow-Tarr noted how Auger “is someone who leads by example and has the integrity to do the right thing even when it’s not popular.”

The nutritional care aide’s standard of performance sets the bar high and inspires others to follow suit.
Auger will often “pay it forward” by helping a peer that may be struggling, lending a helping hand where needed and always going the extra mile.

She is someone that can be counted on to “show up” – not just by being present but by sharing of her gifts and time. For example, Auger has gained a reputation for creating beautiful and delicious cakes that are featured at nearly every function at Rosebridge Manor and are as much a fixture as she is.

Auger will also often take an extra moment to listen to a resident or get them something that they may want or need, even if it means she may be a few minutes late.

“She is truly ever-present, gives of herself in countless ways and is the true embodiment of a team player,” Bigelow-Tarr says.
“Simply put, Dianne makes me want to be a better leader.”

OMNI Health Care’s Inspired Leader award is presented to staff members from each of the organization’s 18 long-term care homes.

Inspired Leader and Everyday Hero award recipients were announced at OMNI’s managers’ forum in Kingston in May. Since then, homes have been hosting their own award ceremonies to honour award recipients.

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