Volunteers a sweet asset for Maplewood

Brighton home hosts appreciation event

Volunteering is a sweet affair at Maplewood.

From jelly beans to Swedish berries, the Brighton long-term care home expressed its appreciation for its volunteers with a number of sugary treats and a special event recently.

Maplewood hosted a volunteer appreciation tea Oct. 10. About 25 men and women who donate their time to the OMNI Health Care home in various capacities participated in the event.

Life enrichment aides (LEA) Rosanne Blackburn and Lynanne Campbell used candy as their inspiration for the event. They stocked old-fashioned glass candy jars with a variety of treats, with each jar accompanied by a sweet sentiment – such as “you sweeten our hearts” and “you mint the world.” Volunteers could fill little takeaway bags with candies of their choice.

“Every year we try to think of a different theme,” says Rosanne.

The home also served finger foods and desserts to its guests and residents.

Ina Clews, Maplewood resident and president of the home’s residents’ council, shared a few words about how important volunteers are to the residents.

Rosanne says the staff members are also appreciative of those who generously offer their time to the home.

“We’re happy to have such (a variety) of people come in here and want to volunteer.”

Some of the volunteers belong to church groups, others are part of a local line dancers’ troupe, one woman plays the harp, and others bring in their therapy dogs for visits. The four-legged volunteers were also present during the appreciation tea, receiving dog treats instead of candy.

Rosanne says the event was overall well-received. “I think they appreciated it. They were actually quite happy and thought it was quite different.”

Volunteers are an important part of the Brighton home and long-term care sector overall.

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