Viral Facebook post brings children to Village Green to make snowmen for residents

‘I was hoping we might get one or two kids out, and I was completely wowed by our community,’ says LEC Ulana Orrick

If you post it on Facebook, they will come.

This is something Village Green life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Ulana Orrick learned Wednesday (Feb. 2) when she posted a live video on the Village Green Facebook page asking children in Greater Napanee to stop by the home to build snowmen for residents.

When Ulana arrived at Village Green for work that morning, she immediately noticed the balmy, 3 C weather had created soft, sticky snow around the home, and soft, sticky snow, as every Canadian knows, makes perfect snowmen.

Knowing it was a PA day and children would be off from school, it was the perfect opportunity to engage the younger generation in life at Village Green, Ulana says.

Ulana made a live video of herself outside the home inviting children of all ages and families to stop by to make snowmen and snow sculptures for the residents and enjoy the nice weather.

Before long, children and their parents were showing up in droves. Ulana says she was overwhelmed by the response.

“I was hoping we might get one or two kids out, (but) I was completely wowed by our community,” she tells The OMNIway, adding that by late afternoon the Facebook post had about 4,000 views and more than 100 shares.

“We have had families and even a daycare showing up. … Our residents are having a great time watching the kids playing and having snowball fights.”

Designs the children came up with included traditional snowmen, a bear cub climbing a tree, a cat and a heart-shaped snow sculpture that was painted red. Each one impressed the Village Green residents and staff.

“The snowmen and snow sculptures are all so creative,” Ulana says.

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