Village Green’s resident feline fills an important position during the pandemic

Roxy, Village Green’s resident cat, is pictured here relaxing on a desk at the Greater Napanee long-term care home.

Roxy, a cat the home adopted in February, has developed a routine to visit residents and staff

The value our furry friends bring to people living in long-term care homes is well documented, and during the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic Roxy, a cat Village Green adopted four months ago, is proving to be a big asset to residents during this time.

Roxy was adopted from the Kingston Humane Society in early February and quickly won the hearts of the Greater Napanee long-term care home’s residents.

Since March, Village Green, along with OMNI Health Care’s other 17 long-term care homes, has been closed to everyone but essential visitors to protect residents and team members during the global pandemic.

With no other pets coming into the home at the moment, Roxy is filling an important role with her presence, says Village Green life enrichment co-ordinator Ulana Orrick.

“She has free run of the home, and she has a path she walks to go through the home every morning, and she checks in on everybody and goes to each of the offices,” Ulana tells The OMNIway.

Some residents, Ulana notes, have come up with a way to ensure they get a Roxy visit.

“There are certain residents who squirrel away treats, and she knows which ones they are, and that is part of her tour in the morning, to visit the residents who have treats so she can get her treat for the day,” Ulana says.

Pets play a large role in enhancing residents’ quality of life, Ulana says, adding family members have been known to bring in their pets while visiting their loved ones.

Roxy, during her morning tours, enjoys spending time with the residents as much as they enjoy her company.

“She checks up on everybody; it’s kind of cute,” Ulana says.

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