Village Green’s people have kept Judy McCullough volunteering

Village Green volunteer Judy McCullough.

‘I just love to volunteer, and this was a place that fit me’

SELBY, Ont. – Judy McCullough recalls how one day she walked into Village Green and there was a group of residents who were waiting to see what outfit she would be wearing that day. Judy always comes in at the same time, and the ladies were anxiously awaiting her arrival.

It’s moments like this that Judy says have kept her volunteering at the Selby, Ont., long-term care home.

Judy first became connected to Village Green in 1987, when her father was a resident. Her mother later moved into the home. In 2013, Judy’s husband moved to Village Green, and she began regularly volunteering.

Although her husband passed away two years ago, Judy has remained a volunteer at Village Green. Her reason is simple: she loves the people and the atmosphere.

“I like to do it. I loved all the people here, and I knew all the staff – some of them were just young girls when my mother and dad were here, and they were still here when I came back again,” Judy tells The OMNIway.

“I just love to volunteer, and this was a place that fit me.”

Judy’s parents lived a combined nine years at Village Green. During their stay, Judy and her family were often at the home participating in fundraising and other activities with residents and staff members. This was her first taste of volunteering at the home.

“My husband came in 2013, (and) I’ve been here pretty much every day,” she says.

Much of Judy’s volunteer work involves doing one-to-one visits with residents. Volunteers, she says, often alleviate heavy workloads for staff members who don’t always have time for one-to-one visits.

“My granddaughter is a PSW (personal support worker) – not here, but in another nursing home – and she doesn’t have time,” Judy says.

To anyone considering a volunteering opportunity at Village Green, Judy has this to say: “Try it first. You get the wrong impression from other people sometimes and what they hear. They need to be here to see what goes on.”

Village Green is celebrating 40 years in the community of Selby in 2018. Throughout 2018, The OMNIway will be featuring stories and videos about home’s residents, staff members and volunteers.

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