Village Green’s co-founder among attendees at LTC home’s 40th anniversary celebration

Vera Richards, pictured above, gave Village Green its name in 1978.

‘Things have changed, naturally, but as far as the people who work here, they are still as kind and as nice as always,’ says Vera Richards

SELBY, Ont. – Vera Richards recalls how she was working for the telephone company in Duncan, B.C. in the 1970s and would periodically have to ring the number of a local hotel called the Village Green Inn.

The name “Village Green” stuck with her. So, when she and her husband Bill opened a long-term care home in the town of Selby, Ont. in 1978, Vera decided to name it Village Green.

And that’s what the 66-bed home is still called.

“I thought, ‘why not name it Village Green?’ ” she tells The OMNIway. “I am very proud to have the name stamped on here because it was me who named it Village Green. … I love it very, very much that it is still Village Green.”

Vera was among the more than 100 people who stopped by Village Green Sept. 21 to attend the home’s 40th anniversary celebration.

Village Green, which is today owned by OMNI Health Care, opened its doors Aug. 27, 1978. Since then, the home has prided itself on providing a family atmosphere for residents to live in and for staff members to work.

In fact, about one-quarter of staff members have worked at Village Green 20 years or longer. Today, staff members at Village Green bring a combined 798 years of experience to residents.

While the long-term care sector has experienced many changes during the past 40 years, Vera says there is still one thing that has remained constant at Village Green: the caring people. It’s something she says she notices every time she comes through the doors.

“Things have changed, naturally, but as far as the people who work here, they are still as kind and as nice as always,” she says. “Some of (the staff members) have been here almost as long as (Village Green) has been here, and they love it and we love them as well.”

Vera still visits Village Green during special occasions, and she says she’s taken by how well residents are cared for.

“I come here at Christmastime or when there is a bazaar or anything like that, and I can see how hard the staff works,” she says. “The residents) get treated so well here.”

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