Village Green resident keeps everyone’s hands clean during recent outbreak

Village Green resident Karen Traczyk is seen here dispensing hand sanitizer during a recent outbreak at the home.

RPN Denise Simpson encouraged Karen Traczyk to help with infection-control practices

When Village Green recently went into outbreak, the Greater Napanee long-term care home’s team members turned to resident Karen Traczyk to help with infection-control duties.

Village Green is trying to empower residents to become involved with their care as much as possible. Registered practical nurse Denise Simpson saw an opportunity for Karen to make a difference when the outbreak began three weeks ago.

Denise asked Karen to stand in the dining room with a bottle of hand sanitizer before and after meals to encourage her fellow residents to wash their hands frequently. She would ask residents and staff members to wash their hands, and she dispensed foam sanitizer for them.

Denise explains what inspired her to ask Karen to help with the home’s infection-control procedures during the outbreak.

“This is their home, and they’re in the dining room observing things as much as we are sometimes, and the residents interact and socialize with each other,” she tells The OMNIway.

“But we also want to get residents involved in their own care. Sometimes directing people comes better from your peers than from staff.”

Village Green life enrichment co-ordinator Karen Coulter is commending the resident for doing a top-notch job of getting everyone to wash their hands during the outbreak.

“Karen did a great job of taking on the role, and it helped her be a part (of care delivery) in the home,” she says.

The outbreak ended on July 13, but Village Green will continue to be vigilant with its infection-control practices, Denise says.

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