Village Green resident honoured for her commitment to community and family

Sheung Hum’s life is a great Canadian success story, says administrator

Village Green resident Sheung Hum is a shining example of someone who came to Canada and created a great life for themselves dedicated to family and community, and for this reason she has been presented with the home’s 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sheung, who is originally from China, has lived at the Greater Napanee long-term care home since 2015. She was nominated for the award by administrator Linda Pierce, who says she nominated Sheung for her “beautiful life story.”

Sheung and her husband, Dick, were staples in the local community, Linda says. The couple opened a Chinese restaurant in Greater Napanee many years ago that was a favourite mealtime spot in the community.

“Sheung was a hard worker, and everyone in town enjoyed her smile and pleasant personality, not to mention the great Chinese food,” Linda says.

Sheung and Dick raised a large family and were committed to their family, community and business, Linda notes, adding her family members visit Sheung every day at Village Green.

“Sheung’s story is one of coming to Canada, building a life with family, business, friends and community,” Linda says.

“Sheung is a very nice lady who really deserves to be recognized.”

OMNI Health Care’s Lifetime Achievement Awards are presented to people living in OMNI’s 18 long-term care homes who have demonstrated commitment to other residents, their home and country.

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