Church ensures Village Green residents get to see much-loved Christmas choir

Since the much-loved choir could not be at the home for Christmas, a special video was made for residents

Village Green residents were able to watch a favourite Christmastime event in December, thanks to the kindness of the members of Selby United Church.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the children’s choir at the church, which is directly across the road from Village Green in Greater Napanee, would visit the home to perform for residents at Christmas.

This past Christmas, due to pandemic protocols in effect, the children could not be at the home to sing for residents.

Instead, the church members recorded a special presentation of the children’s choir along with a skit that was posted on YouTube for Village Green residents to watch. The video was well-received by residents, says Village Green life enrichment co-ordinator Ulana Orrick.

“We were able to play that on the big TV in the activity room for the residents and they really loved seeing the kids again because they haven’t been able to since (the pandemic) started,” she tells The OMNIway.

Ulana says that in addition to making the special video for residents, the church sent Christmas cards and treats to the home during the holidays.

“They have pretty much adopted us,” Ulana says. “The fact that they videotaped (the choir) and did a special shout-out to the residents at Village Green, saying that they miss them and that they were sorry that they couldn’t come in, was really nice.”

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