Village Green launches meal clubs to enhance residents’ dining experience

Diners club and brunch club are providing residents with unique meals

Village Green recently launched a dining club and a brunch club to help enhance the quality of residents’ mealtime experiences at the Greater Napanee long-term care home.

The idea was hatched late last year when nutritional care manager Miranda Ray approached then-life enrichment co-ordinator Karen Coulter about collaborating on a monthly dining program that would allow some “harder-to-pull-off meals” to be created.

Karen liked the idea and told Miranda of the Diners Club program at another OMNI Health Care long-term care home, Forest Hill, and suggested a similar model be used at Village Green.

Unfortunately, Karen fell ill shortly afterward, so Miranda decided to put the idea off for a while.

But on Aug. 14, with the help of the life enrichment department, Village Green held its first Diners Club for residents.

Residents chose a Mexican-themed taco party for the inaugural event. The nutritional care team prepared Mexican food – which included tacos and mock sangrias – for residents, and the life enrichment team decorated the dining room with a Mexican vibe.

“The residents absolutely loved it,” Miranda tells The OMNIway.

This was followed by a personal pizza party where residents made their own pizzas during morning programming and baked them off for lunch.

“The Dining Club has been going great, and we are usually having around 15 or more residents attend,” Miranda says.

Village Green also started a monthly brunch club recently. The idea for this program came from a discussion Miranda had with residents who said they sometimes preferred to sleep in, rather than get up early to eat breakfast.

About 18 residents attended the first brunch club, Miranda says, adding the meal included toast with assorted jams and jellies, croissants, fresh fruit, cheddar cheese, bran muffins, lemon loaf, boiled eggs and other items.

“The residents really enjoyed this and are excited to attend again next month,” she says.

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