Village Green continues to provide safe outdoor entertainment for residents

‘We are going to cram as much live entertainment in as we can’

Village Green is continuing to offer the Greater Napanee long-term care home’s residents a wide range of top-notch outdoor entertainment in a safe environment.

Country-rock band Picket Fences is the latest outdoor entertainment troupe to perform outside at Village Green.

On Aug. 5 the group played a show for Village Green residents, who were seated at a distance in the home’s garden.

“The residents were super happy to have more entertainment at the home, and we even shared one song via Facebook Live with our friends, families and followers,” Ulana Orrick, Village Green’s life enrichment co-ordinator, tells The OMNIway.

The Picket Fences show was the second live performance at Village Green since restrictions in place due to the global COVID-19 pandemic were eased in June to allow outdoor entertainment.

Keeping in line with safety protocols, residents watch performances while observing social distancing requirements from inside the chain-link fence in the Village Green garden. The bands play from the other side of the fence.

The first outdoor concert for Village Green residents was on June 30, when Breaking Chains performed.

There are more outdoor shows lined up at Village Green.

Another entertainer, Mr. Honky Tonk, will be performing on Sept. 2, and a duet consisting of two residents’ family members will be providing entertainment on Sept. 5.

“We are going to cram as much live entertainment in as we can before the weather makes that impossible for us,” Ulana says.

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