Village Green beekeeping presentation underscores the value of educational programming for residents

Curt Hardy is pictured here giving a presentation on beekeeping to Village Green residents.

‘I think it’s good to never stop learning, and today was proof of that,’ resident says

Village Green was literally “buzzing” with excitement recently when the Greater Napanee long-term care home hosted 25,000 unique guests.

This glass case holding a honeycomb with 25,000 bees was brought to Village Green recently as part of a presentation on beekeeping from Curt Hardy.

Local beekeeper Curt Hardy brought a glass case containing a colony of 25,000 bees to Village Green to provide residents and staff members with an educational presentation on the buzzing busybodies that was enjoyed by all.

The presentation focused on caring for bees, how bees make honey and the role of different bees in each colony.

Life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Maddy Hudgins says the program received a “huge turnout,” adding that residents were keen to learn about beekeeping and asked insightful questions.

“There were really great, inquisitive questions asked about the bees; the average person probably doesn’t know a lot about beekeeping, so I think it was a really great presentation,” Maddy tells The OMNIway.

Maddy says she was particularly taken by one resident’s commentary on why educational programs like this are vital for long-term care homes.

“The resident said, ‘I think it’s good to never stop learning, and today was proof of that.’ That was one of the greatest things I think I’ve had a resident say to me,” the LEC says.

Maddy notes the home is trying to bring more educational programs of this nature to residents. She credits life enrichment aide Vicki Hamilton for doing the research that brought the beekeeping presentation to Village Green.

An added bonus to the program is that it engaged visiting family members, Maddy says.

“There were also some family members who were here that day, and they stuck around and listened to the presentation, so I think that was really nice.”

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