Village Green barbecue creates a strong sense of community


Promoting the annual summertime flagship event early results in a ‘huge’ turnout

Nothing brings people together quite like food and fun, and that was certainly the case when Village Green hosted its annual resident and family barbecue on July 9.

While the Greater Napanee long-term care home’s annual flagship summer event is always a big attraction, this year’s turnout was “a huge crowd,” says life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Maddy Hudgins.

“We had over 80 family members attend, so for a home of 66 residents that’s really impressive, we were very happy,” the LEC tells The OMNIway.

Aside from the food, the event featured lots of activities and party favours for visiting children, including face-painting, a pool and balloons.

After the food was served, residents and guests enjoyed a performance from an Elvis impersonator who crooned several songs for everyone, which residents loved, Maddy says.

“He was really interactive with the residents and they had a lot of fun.”

Maddy credits the high turnout of family members to the effort team members put forth to promote the event. She says the team started promoting the barbecue early this year, which made it easier for families to plan to attend, even though it was held on a Tuesday, as opposed to a Saturday as it has in previous years.

“We had fliers go out with our billings months before, and I did phone calls to each resident’s family to remind them, and when family members were visiting the home we asked them to come and to spread the word,” Maddy says.

“Promotion of the barbecue was huge. … We were more than impressed with how it turned out.”

Maddy says a nice added touch was the fact that those residents who don’t have family members to visit were still engaging with other residents’ families, which gave the barbecue a strong sense of community.

“The families we have here are phenomenal; they will visit with everybody in the home which is really nice,” she says. “It gave (the barbecue) a really warm feeling that was great to have.”

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