Village Green: a long-term care ‘family’

Home’s team members reflect on the closeness everyone feels

During a recent visit to Village Green to conduct interviews and make videos in honour of the Selby, Ont., long-term care home’s 40th anniversary, I kept hearing staff members use the same word to describe their workplace: “family.”

OMNI Health Care has long prided itself on providing the homes of choice for residents and the employers of choice for staff members. Coming into a home where “family” is the operative word to describe the residence certainly tells you there’s something special going on.

At Village Green, there is no doubt that team members feel a strong sense of camaraderie. This camaraderie is part of the home’s culture, says health-care aide Sherry MacDonald.

Sherry, who has worked at Village Green for 33 years, says many of the staff members have worked there for a long time.

“We have had our kids together, we have raised them all together, we now have grandchildren together, and there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for one another,” Sherry says.

“If one of us needs something, the rest of us will come.”

And when new staff members come on board, they fit into this culture, Sherry adds.

“The new staff is fitting into that mould too, they’re fitting into this family thing we have going on,” she says.

Jane Hughes, Village Green’s office manager and environmental services manager, attributes the home’s family atmosphere to the fact it’s a 66-bed residence.

“Because we are a smaller home, it’s more like family,” she explains.

Nutritional care manager Miranda Ray started working at Village Green in November. One of the first things she says she noticed about the home is the strong sense of family.

“Everyone looks out for each other, and everyone really gets a sense of community,” she says. “I have really enjoyed working at this home. It’s unlike any place I have ever worked at.”

Miranda notes that the home is so much of a family, residents are invited into the interview process for new staff-member recruits.

“When we are interviewing people we have residents come in and meet those people to get a sense if they will fit in with the family, which is an extended part of us,” she says.

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