VIDEO: Streamway Villa resident Bill Ramsay wowing everyone with his piano playing

On the afternoon of May 1, Streamway Villa resident Bill Ramsay sat down at the piano in the Cobourg long-term care home and started to play. The residents and staff loved it.

“Bill played with a huge smile across his face while all the other residents were in awe,” says Streamway Villa life enrichment co-ordinator Christina Doughty. “Not only is he a resident, he can also entertain us.”

Bill, 89, is a lifelong piano player. His wife, Lynn, says piano music is “in his soul.”

When he first moved to Cobourg in 1951, Bill was hired as the organist at Trinity United Church. It was a position he would hold for 28 years. Bill also started teaching high school music classes in 1965. He did that for 23 years, all the while teaching piano privately.

“He has been a wonderful man – he has students all around,” Lynn says. “His students have always loved him, and he always said it was the best job in the world.”

On trips to the couple’s second home in Largo, Florida, Bill played piano with a 16-piece dance band that would do gigs around town.

Lynn says she’s happy Bill is continuing to bring joy to people at Streamway Villa.

“Whatever comes out of his fingers, they seem to love it,” Lynn says. “He likes playing the piano, and every time I bring him home, he sits down in front of the piano and plays, so it’s in his soul, the music.”

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