(VIDEO) Streamway residents visited by several species of exotic animals

Streamway Villa recently had a chance to interact with several exotic animals, including a chinchilla, a rabbit, bearded lizards, a Burmese python, a tarantula and even an alligator.

Brianna Grant from Zoo to You, an exotic animal handler, led the program by explaining the story of each creature and describing their individual habitat.

She noted that while some of the creatures may look scary, there is nothing to fear. For example, many people find tarantulas frightening, but in reality they’re docile creatures that are safe for people to handle.

Burmese pythons are also safe to be handled by people, and several residents requested to have the large snake draped across their shoulders.

Brianna says Zoo to You visits many long-term care homes. She says her programs usually attract a large resident turnout because the creatures pique people’s curiosity.

“I think the biggest benefit is that they actually get to have hands-on experience,” she says. “A lot of people have heard about these types of animals but they’ve never actually had a chance to interact with them.”

Click here to watch the video.

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