VIDEO: Rosebridge Manor team creates 2019 Amazing Quest for Quality Care

ORILLIA, Ont. – It started off as a bingo. But then the large-screen monitor in the conference room at Fern Resort interrupted OMNI Health Care team members’ game with a report that their president and CEO Patrick McCarthy had been “kidnapped” and was being held for a $1-million ransom. Suspects were quickly announced.

Welcome to the latest Amazing Quest for Quality Care, an interactive exercise based on the Amazing Race that sees teams compete to perform tasks that align with various points of quality resident care.

The Amazing Quest, which has become a favourite event at OMNI’s Quality Forum, was created this year by managers from Rosebridge Manor. The challenge was for each team’s members to collect as much “money” as they could by completing challenges on a racecourse to raise the ransom to free Patrick from his abductor (who was dressed in a gorilla suit).

After completing each challenge, teams were given clues that would eventually lead to the suspect.

Teams competed in several events, including a challenge to pick up marbles from a kiddie pool with their toes, a tug of war and a game where contestants had to shoot a plastic cup across a length of string with a water gun.

The winner of the 2019 Amazing Quest for Quality Care was a team called Chafing the Dream, whose members raised enough “money” to free Patrick from his captor.

The Amazing Quest for Quality Care was developed by Almonte Country Haven at the 2017 Quality Forum and has since become a flagship event.

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