(VIDEO) Quality Forum 2017: Interactive game highlights role quality plays in every corner of OMNI homes

CALABOGIE, Ont. – One of the major events at OMNI Health Care’s 2017 Quality Forum was the Quest for Quality, an interactive outdoor game designed by the Almonte Country Haven team that combined education, fun and competition.

At the heart of the Quest for Quality was the reinforcement of the fact that quality relates to every aspect of long-term care homes – “not just nursing.”

“When we’re talking about quality, we have to remember that every single role in the home brings quality to our residents, whether it be our dietary and the amazing, high-quality food they’re providing, … (or) quality housekeeping, which is a huge part of infection control in our homes,” says Almonte Country Haven administrator Carolyn Della Foresta, one of the activity’s designers.

“Everything we do in our homes comes back to quality.”

Given that all team members in OMNI homes play crucial roles in upholding high quality standards, the Quest for Quality was created to highlight the different aspects of quality.

The Quest for Quality, which was a take on the Amazing Race, brought OMNI team members together to perform tasks focused on six different aspects of quality in long-term care: programming, activities of daily living, infection control, food services, safety and emergency preparedness.

At each station the teams had a physical challenge. For instance, at the infection-control station, people had to put on and remove personal protective equipment. At the food-services station, team members had to taste-test food that was pureed.

Not only did the competitive event showcase everyone’s understanding of the importance of quality at OMNI, it was so well-received that there has been interest to replicate the event individually at each home so those not attending the forum can try it for themselves.

Click here to watch a video from the Quest for Quality.

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