VIDEO: Pleasant Meadow honours volunteers with tea

NORWOOD, Ont. – Pleasant Meadow Manor honoured its volunteers on May 17 with a tea to thank them for the work they do enhancing the quality of life for residents of the Norwood long-term care home.

There are about 20 volunteers at Pleasant Meadow Manor, and nine were able to make it to the tea. Life enrichment co-ordinator Chris Garden says many of the home’s volunteers also donate their time in other places around the community, so their commitment to others keeps them busy.

“Our volunteers are very busy in Norwood, and we’re very fortunate to have them here,” Chris says. “They definitely help us add to the quality of life for our residents, because as staff we don’t always have the time to spend with each resident that we would like to.”

Pleasant Meadow Manor hosts an event every year to acknowledge the home’s volunteers.

Click here to watch video.

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