(VIDEO) Medication safety in LTC, Part 2: Medication reconciliation




In Part 2 of an OMNIway video series on medication safety in long-term care homes, we hear about the importance of medication reconciliation and how long-term care homes have strict guidelines when it comes to administering pharmaceuticals.

Medication reconciliation is the process of creating an accurate, complete list of all medications a person is taking. This is crucial to ensuring medication safety, says Streamway Villa registered nurse Lynn Thompson.

As part of the process of ensuring strict medication reconciliation, OMNI Health Care homes will each only use one medication supplier. To demonstrate how strict protocols are, Lynn points out that even family members cannot bring in outside medications to give to their loved ones.

Lynn notes that family members sometimes wonder why a long-term care home can only deal with one supplier and why they can’t bring in over-the-counter medications, like eye drops.

“The problem with that is it’s difficult to control,” Lynn explains. “If families are in visiting, and they’re giving eye drops and we’ve got an order for eye drops and we’re giving eye drops, then you’re double-dosing.”

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