(VIDEO) Kimberley Wickens discusses her ‘exciting’ journey as Village Green’s residents’ council president

The day after Kimberley Wickens moved into Village Green, she went around introducing herself to her fellow residents, thanking them for letting her live in their home.

This, she says, made a positive impression on everyone.

That was two years ago. A year later, Kimberley was elected as the Greater Napanee long-term care home’s residents’ council president.

Being council president is a job Kimberley enjoys doing because she loves the people she lives with, and advocating for others is something that comes naturally for her.

“It’s been exciting,” she says of her time as residents’ council president.

As council president, Kimberley says issues others don’t always see, such as safety concerns, may come to her attention. By working with management, Kimberley has been able to help resolve issues that arise.

Kimberley also serves on Village Green’s dietary committee and pastoral committee.

“Every committee going on here, I’m in it,” she says.

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