VIDEO: Frost Manor resident Bill White playing piano again, thanks to physio program


Frost Manor resident Bill White is playing the piano again, thanks to his determination and some help from the physiotherapy team at the Lindsay long-term care home.

Bill had been an avid piano player for many years, but after losing some of the mobility in one of his hands, he could no longer play.

Then he began working with Achieva Health physiotherapy assistant Debbie Ellison.

Bill attended Debbie’s restorative care classes and began regaining mobility in his hand. Then one day he sat down in front of the home’s piano and discovered he had gained range in his hand to the point he could play again.

“It was really exciting. He had all of the residents (in the activity room) and he was playing for them before they came in for dinner one day,” explains life enrichment aide Lyndsay Irwin.

“As everyone was gathering for dinner, he was playing, and he had all of the residents cheering for them, and it was a really nice moment.”

Click here to watch a video the Frost Manor team made of Bill playing piano that day.

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