Two Woodland award recipients are all about resident focus


Linda Gadbois and Keryn Crawford honoured for their long-standing commitment

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 — Deron Hamel

When nursing administrative services manager Kim Lama talks about Linda Gadbois and Keryn Crawford, she speaks of two long-standing Woodland Villa team members who give their all for the residents they serve.

And it’s because of their dedication to residents at the Long Sault long-term care home that Gadbois and Crawford were recognized with Woodland Villa’s Inspired Leader and Everyday Hero awards, respectively.

Lama says Gadbois, the home’s environmental services manager, is an “amazing leader.”

“Linda has been here since pretty much the doors opened and she’s amazing,” says Lama, who was one of the team members that nominated Gadbois and Crawford for the awards. “Linda is good to her staff, she’s hands-on and she more than willing to help others.”

The Inspired Leader award acknowledges employees who consistently motivate, inspire and enable others to provide the kind of care that benefits residents in every aspect of their lives.

Crawford, a staff member in the environmental services department, has worked at Woodland Villa since November 1985.

Lama says what makes Crawford stand out as an Everyday Hero is her cheery personality.

“She’s always got a personality on her face and the residents just love her,” Lama says. “She’s got a good rapport with residents. The residents love her and the staff members all love her and if you need something she’s always there.”

The Everyday Hero program is running at OMNI Health Care’s long-term homes. The initiative began nine years ago to recognize employees’ hard work and dedication to residents.

Staff members and managers from OMNI’s 18 long-term care homes were honoured with Inspired Leader and Everyday Hero awards at the organization’s annual managers’ forum in May.

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