Two homes feeling community love


Frost Manor and West Lake Terrace can attest to the importance of support from others

Two OMNI Health Care long-term care homes have recently seen the value of having strong community connections, when anonymous individuals showed their generosity by making donations to help further quality of life for residents.

Last Christmas, a gentleman who is connected with Frost Manor gave the Lindsay home a new piano. The home had a piano before but it broke. Frost Manor also had an electronic keyboard, but it’s not the same, says life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Vi O’Leary.

“Residents like to hear a piano, and we needed one so badly,” she tells The OMNIway.

Frost Manor also had a Christmas-in-July experience when, on July 2, the same gentleman came to the home during the residents’ annual strawberry supper to drop off a “very generous” cheque which he asked be given to residents’ council.

With budgets always tight, the money is a big help to the council, O’Leary says.

The donation will be used in a variety of ways that all residents will be able to enjoy, O’Leary says. Sprucing up the home’s garden, in-home entertainment and day trips are some of the ways the money will be spent, she adds.

“There are lots of little extras we will be able to put the money towards,” O’Leary says.

West Lake Terrace has also experienced the kindness of community members. Like with Frost Manor, an anonymous donor has provided the Prince Edward County home with a new piano to replace an old piano that was on its last legs.

The home’s piano tuner had a client looking to get rid of their piano. The home was connected with the person, who then donated the instrument to West Lake Terrace.

If that wasn’t enough good news for West Lake Terrace, the moving company delivered the piano to the home for free.

The piano wasn’t the only recent donation to West Lake Terrace. The home has been planning to improve its patio area to make it more accessible for residents with cognitive impairment. Two anonymous people who heard about the home’s plan donated $3,000 to help complete the project, which will include new fencing, a new door leading to the area, and raised flower beds.

LEC Janie Butler says the all-around support means a lot to residents and staff members.

“(This type of support) is huge; to know that people see the value in the projects we are putting forth is important for the residents,” Butler says. “This is another way that we feel a part of the community; it’s so important to know that we’re supported.”

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