Three-year-old chooses Maplewood for birthday party venue

Three-year-old Avery, pictured above, asked to have her recent birthday party held at Maplewood, where her mother, Paula, is a PSW.

‘Avery is a special little girl,’ administrator says

With her birthday party upcoming, a soon-to-be three-year-old toddled around Maplewood with a little mailbag, hand-delivering invitations to the Brighton long-term care home’s residents.

Avery Kargus chose to hold her birthday party Dec. 13 at the home.

“This was the best-attended birthday party we have ever had,” Maplewood administrator and life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Rachel Corkery tells The OMNIway.

“(Avery) has been part of Maplewood since her birth.”

The youngster’s mother, Paula, works at Maplewood. Residents were along for the journey of Paula’s pregnancy and have been part of Avery’s life ever since.

Paula, a personal support worker (PSW), asked Rachel last summer if she could host Avery’s party at the home. The PSW brought all of the decorations, food, activities and games to the home.

“This has just been a highlight our residents have been waiting for,” the administrator says about the girl’s birthday party.

“Avery delivered every single one of our residents a birthday party invitation. Everyone loves Avery. Avery is a special little girl.”

The toddler is never hesitant with the residents and is open to their love and she’s eager to share hers.

Mother and daughter live around the corner so Paula is able to bring Avery to the home often.

The little girl has a good role model in her mother. Paula was Maplewood’s recipient of an OMNI Health Care Inspired Leadership Award in 2018.

“Paula is a lead-by-example leader, she does what is right and she is always resident-focused. She is just a truly amazing person all around.”

Rachel says Paula’s decision to involve Avery in residents’ lives is typical of the home’s family-centred culture and approach to care.

“The Maplewood family – it’s just amazing. Family is everything.”

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