Streamway Villa nutritional care manager Garth Derry shows off his "exaggerated lemon meringue pie."

This pie is no lemon

Garth Derry’s ‘exaggerated lemon meringue pie’ an example of top-quality baking

Before working in Streamway Villa’s kitchen, nutritional care manager Garth Derry owned a bakery for 12 years. His pie-making skills are well established, and it’s a strength he’s brought to the Cobourg long-term care home.

This week’s featured recipe is Derry’s “exaggerated lemon meringue pie,” which has been a fan favourite at Streamway Villa, and it’s a dessert for which he gets many compliments.

What’s so special about this lemon meringue pie? For starters, it’s made from scratch with fresh ingredients, so it doesn’t have that frozen-pie taste, he says. Secondly, it’s huge, which is why it’s called “exaggerated” lemon meringue pie, Derry points out.

With its pleasing colours and mountainous meringue topping, Derry’s lemon pie gets a lot of requests around Streamway Villa; it’s why Chris Weber, OMNI’s operations manager of nutrition and food services, asked the OMNIway to do a story featuring this yummy dessert.

On a recent episode of TV’s Top Chef Canada, judge Mark McEwan’s words to two contestants on the cooking reality show were that their dish resembled “nursing-home” food. McEwan’s comments were based on the stigma that food served in long-term care homes isn’t appetizing.

Weber saw the episode and wants to put an end to the preconceived notion that “nursing-home food” is in some way below par in taste and presentation. He wants to show the world just what “nursing-home food” really is and how chefs and cooks working in the long-term care sector can produce top-quality dishes as good as anyone.

Using the hashtag #NursingHomeFood on social-media networks Twitter and Facebook, Weber and The OMNIway are collaborating in the coming weeks to showcase some of the top-notch food prepared at OMNI’s 18 long-term care homes.

Derry, who has also worked in high-end restaurants, says his lemon meringue pie is one example of the top-quality food served in long-term care homes today. It’s food like this that’s part of the change in long-term care homes seen over the years, he adds.

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