‘This is really cool’: Residents, staff applaud design for Pleasant Meadow redevelopment

Matt Galvin, a partner at G architects, shows residents and staff members at Pleasant Meadow Manor what their home will look like after redevelopment is complete.

The renovations, which will provide the Norwood LTC home with more space and new amenities, gets unanimously positive feedback

NORWOOD, Ont. – Matthew Dexter dons a pair of virtual-reality goggles to look at the three-dimensional design of what the new Pleasant Meadow Manor will look like once completed. The smile that spreads across his face is telling. “This is really cool,” the Norwood long-term care home’s residents’ council president says.

Pleasant Meadow Manor residents got to look through virtual-reality goggles at what their home will look like after redevelopment is complete in December 2022.

Representatives from OMNI Health Care and G architects met with Pleasant Meadow Manor residents and staff members Jan. 9 to unveil the design for the additions and renovations that will be made to the home by December 2022 and to gather feedback.

The response from residents and staff was unanimously positive.

“I really liked what I saw with the virtual reality (goggles),” Matthew tells The OMNIway. “I am really looking forward to what they come up with. I think there will be a lot more space for us.”

Indeed, there will be much more space for residents. Once completed, the redeveloped Pleasant Meadow Manor will have a two-storey addition on the south side of the existing 61-bed home that will house 35 more residents.

The redeveloped Pleasant Meadow Manor will also feature many new amenities, including a spacious courtyard, hair salon, therapy gym and a large multipurpose room.

Once construction is complete, Pleasant Meadow Manor will be divided into three “neighbourhoods” housing 32 residents each. Each neighbourhood will have its own dining area, bathing room and common areas.

There will also be wider hallways, more storage and quieter, more home-like dining and lounge spaces.

Pleasant Meadow Manor is one of four OMNI long-term care homes that was approved for redevelopment funding by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care last spring (the others are Riverview Manor, Woodland Villa and Almonte Country Haven).

Like other OMNI homes approved for redevelopment, Pleasant Meadow Manor will be eliminating three- and four-bed rooms. Once complete, 60 per cent of Pleasant Meadow Manor’s rooms will be private and 40 per cent semi-private.

More private rooms and space will have a positive impact on residents who have cognitive impairment, team members say. Lack of space can often cause agitation for people living with dementia.

“I think (the redevelopment) will help decrease responsive behaviours because people will have more of their own space,” says Pleasant Meadow Manor life enrichment co-ordinator Chris Garden.

Administrator and director of care Sandra Tucker agrees.

“What I am most excited about is that the new home will be more expansive; there will be good views and lots of room to walk about,” she says.

Construction on renovations to Pleasant Meadow Manor is slated to being in the fall.

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