Together we offer vital support to our fellow staff in time of personal crisis!

Our Values

Our values define who we are and map out our expectations, helping to guide us and connect us as a community. They also speak to a professionalism that unites the skills we’re trained to deliver with the emotional investment we’re compelled to give. As with the OMNIway, we believe the only way to fully understand our values is to live each of them in our own unique way, enriching the lives of those around us and further distinguishing our organization in the field of health care.


To be leaders we must build leadership from within. How we do that is to motivate, inspire, challenge and equip our people with those skills that directly benefit our residents in all aspects of their lives. By enabling our people, we entrust them with the responsibility of carrying out our Mission, Vision and Values as they are intended. True, some are more apt to lead than others, but with clarity of purpose, confidence and good judgement, we can share the qualities of strong leadership throughout our OMNI homes.


As we extend the hand of support and heart of kindness, we are contributing to a culture of care that gives us all Hope, Purpose and Belonging. A friendly environment is a positive, loving and fulfilling environment. It’s our responsibility to set the tone for making our homes a comfortable and reassuring place to live and work, and to treat people as they themselves would want to be treated.


To inspire creativity is to give our people the freedom to use their imagination in tackling everyday issues, obstacles and responsibilities. At OMNI we want our people to believe that nothing is impossible – that their acts of kindness, support and compassion are rooted in knowing that even the simplest gestures can make a huge difference in the lives of others. Armed with that knowledge and the confidence to be creative, we encourage and help our residents to live life to the fullest.

Supportive Measures

Our truly individualized approach to care helps each resident live to their full potential. In caring without judgment and respecting each resident’s distinctive character, we better understand needs and preferences, and can respond with the personalized attention that each resident deserves. By always listening and responding to our residents’ emotional needs, we’re better able to foster a comforting atmosphere for all.


We believe in doing what is right, not in doing what is easy – of carrying out our responsibilities, of dealing with others, of making sure our job is done properly. We act with openness, honesty, perform consistently and maintain a standard of rigour in whatever we do.

Fun and Laughter

We nurture an atmosphere that is filled with fun and laughter, warmth and enthusiasm – an atmosphere that emphasizes the brighter side of life. Where we can share with others the zeal for life’s small joys, together we can partake in those moments that recognize how vital life is.


Making a difference in the lives of others begins by giving our people the means to improve their skills and abilities. Our commitment to boosting knowledge creates a dynamic environment in which to provide care. From comprehensive education programs to training to sharing on-the-job experiences and know-how with others, we promote an ever-growing, ever-stronger tradition of support. Equally significant is the culture of kindness and personal attention that we nurture in all our homes. It is through this foundation of knowledge and compassion that OMNI demonstrates the full potential of the human spirit.