Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To experience Hope, Purpose and Belonging in health care is the foundation of everything we strive for. It is reflected in our work, goals and motivation. In Hope, we find the promise of a brighter tomorrow. In Purpose, we give each day meaning by touching and changing the lives of others. And in Belonging, we share a sense of oneness, of community with our residents, staff and families.

Together, these qualities form a bond that link us and strengthen us, while contributing to the mission that distinguishes our unique approach to health care.

Our Vision

For OMNI, the ideal is to demonstrate what is possible with Knowledge, Love, Support and Understanding. With Knowledge we give our people the skills and training to better assess, manage and deliver personal care. Combined with Love, Support and Understanding, we create an environment that elevates our sense of fulfillment while encouraging us to meet the challenge of living the OMNIway every day.  For our vision to find expression in the fullest sense, we must always nurture that spirit of knowledge and understanding. Furthermore, with love and support we capture an  appreciation for the individual preferences and characteristics of each of our  residents. When we strike that balance, only then are we truly fulfilling  our vision of using our hearts and our minds in bringing  hope and humanity to health care.