Core Programs

Supportive Measures

It is about caring enough to understand, and providing the comfort and assistance needed on a daily basis. Supportive Measures is a defining program for OMNI, one that embraces our ideals of hope and humanity. Through it, we aim to individualize care, specifically for those residents who are dealing with Alzheimer’s or related dementia. By identifying those factors that may precipitate feelings of anxiety, agitation and frustration in a resident, we can better adapt our approach to care in maintaining a restful and secure environment.

supportive-measures-brIt is the universal adaptability of Supportive Measures that emphasizes its importance. Through it, our people are encouraged to maintain an openness and flexibility no matter what the situation; to put a plan into action with minimal disruption and see it through as intended. If that plan fails to work as successfully as it should, then we step back, reassess and take another approach. There’s no rigid methodology, no necessarily perfect way that works every time. There is only a determination and resolute willingness to improve measures wherever they are required.