Core Programs

Pain and Comfort

Pain assumes a different complexity for many residents in our care. For some, the inability to actually express their pain can not only cause discomfort, but lead to subsequent issues of distress and depression. Through our Pain and Comfort program at OMNI we train our staff to be alert, observant and responsive. It also demands that we are flexible and creative in our approach to relieving or reducing pain.

pain-and-comfort-brAs with Supportive Measures, we first consider the individual’s particular needs and circumstances. We isolate the triggers that precede pain and then take appropriate action. We don’t look to psychotropic drugs as a first line of defence as this can merely aggravate and prolong the suffering that some residents endure. Ours is a preventative strategy that combines a practice of awareness, compassion and action in helping to significantly reduce or prevent the debilitating effects that pain can involve.