Core Programs

Healthy Living, Healthy Skin

Since its inception, our Healthy Living, Health Skin program has helped to enhance the overall condition of our residents while immeasurably enriching their lives. As it brings together a range of expertise, this program has given countless front-line staff members the know-how to recognize and address skin issues before they become a debilitating condition. Still, to define it merely as our wound care program diminishes the scope of what the Healthy Living, Healthy Skin program means to OMNI residents and the teams that oversee it.

Healthy Living, Healthy SkinIn tending to our residents we involve a cross-section of professionals to develop a comprehensive plan of care. This includes dieticians who determine how nutrition and supplements can improve skin conditions, and physiotherapists who help to limit impairment by improving blood flow through activity and mobility. We also incorporate leading medical technology, such as the Visitrak system, to maximize the effectiveness of our treatment plan. Together, our Healthy Living, Healthy Skin program combines our extensive talents to help mend and enable those who might otherwise suffer unnecessarily.